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He was expelled for being “ugly”, but she came to his rescue

Although puppies are often the first to be adopted into animal shelters, things can be very different if there is a “mistake” that makes them look less than perfect. It was the case of a small North Carolina pit bull that almost lost his life before a good-hearted rescuer came to save him.

This poor boy stood in front of a shelter in North Carolina: he was the only one of his brothers who stayed there alone because he was not perfect. Now his life was in danger: the protection he was in was very deadly.

The pit bull puppy was born blind in his left eye and with a misshapen right ear, but he was still full of personality, even after being tortured. Why didn’t anyone want to take him home?

At a time when he seemed useless to the eight-week-old animal lover and paw worker, Nicole Horabik found a photo of him online and couldn’t bear the thought that he was depressed.

She decided to save the adorable puppy she called Captain Morgan or “Corporal”. Now he has settled in with her at home and no longer has to worry about staying.

He still has new friends to go out with!

He sent this photo on Facebook to show everyone that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Besides, who should be perfect when you’re cute?

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