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The North Koreans ordered the “decadent and bourgeois” dogs to be delivered to the “meat of the restaurant” as the country was hit by food shortages.

The North Koreans ordered the “decadent and bourgeois” dogs to be delivered to the “meat of the restaurant” as the country was hit by food shortages.

Kim Jong-un said domestic dogs are a symbol of capitalist “decay” and ordered Pyongyang’s dogs to be detained, and owners fear that their beloved pets will be used to solve problems. Food shortages in the country.
Dictator Kim announced in July that keeping a pet was now prohibited by law and denounced keeping a dog at home as “a corrupt tendency in bourgeois ideology”.
“The authorities have identified the houses with guide dogs and are forcing them to go out or grab them and forcibly kill them,” a source told the South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo.

“Some dogs are sent to state zoos or sold to canine restaurants.”

A recently released UN report found that up to 60% of the 25.5 million people in North Korea face “widespread food shortages” exacerbated by international sanctions against the regime for their crimes. Nuclear missile programs.

Dog meat has long been considered a delicacy on the Korean peninsula, although the tradition of eating dogs is gradually diminishing in South Korea.

However, about 1 million dogs are raised on feed farms in the South each year.

The man’s best friend is always on the northern menu, with several dog-friendly restaurants in Pyongyang.

Dog meat is most popular during the hot, humid summer months, as it is believed to provide energy and stamina.

Often served in a spicy soup or vegetable stew, it is also known to increase body temperature in the cold winter months.

Chosun Ilbo reported that pet owners “curse Kim Jong-un on the back”, but there is little they can do to refuse to obey authorities that could be interpreted as an act of defiance by a leader who would like to have maximum dignity. called.

The ban on pets will also surprise many Pyongyang citizens who started raising dogs after the regime tried to reinforce its image at the World Youth Festival. and students since 1989.

Wealthy families, considered symbols of economic development and sophistication, take their pets for walks, which even appear in soap operas on public television.

In October 2018, Kim presented South Korean President Moon Jae-in with a pair of local “Pungsan” hunting dogs as a symbol of the growing relaxation between the two nations.

The “puppies of peace” had a chance to flee when their move to the south coincided with demands that ordinary North Koreans pay a tax on dog fur to make coats, marking the creation of the Labor Party.

The country faces widespread food shortages, aggravated by the decision to close the border with China due to the coronavirus. Beijing has traditionally been the mainstay of Pyongyang and the source of much of the food needed to feed the Kim people.

North Korea was also severely affected by a series of natural disasters that affected crops last year, as it again suffered severe flooding this month and crops in major agricultural regions were decimated.
However, Kim said that he and his people would face the situation, and the young leader said at a meeting of his Politburo on Thursday that, although the nation has suffered heavy losses in the floods, it must not accept foreign aid due to the possibility of HUH. . Spread of the coronavirus.

Nearly 100,000 acres of agricultural land were flooded, nearly 17,000 homes and more than 600 public buildings destroyed.

Since pork and beef are an almost unprecedented luxury for most ordinary people, the killing of Pyongyang’s dogs could be planned so that the famine would no longer occur in the coming months.

It happens when severe floods caused by monsoon rains have led the leader to provide victims with their own private grain reserves.

Almost 1,500 acres of rice paddies have been flooded and 179 apartment blocks and 730 single-storey houses have been destroyed.

Kim’s decision to deplete his reserves caught the attention of some diplomats, who described it as an “emergency signal for China” for emergency aid.

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