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6 reasons why sharks are afraid of dolphins

When we think of the species of fish that dominate the seas, most of us end up thinking about sharks.
It is very large, it has some barbed teeth and we have learned since childhood to avoid it and leave it alone.
To everyone’s surprise, there is a type of animal that lives in the sea and scares sharks that are dolphins.
Dolphins have better mobility.
Dolphins have a horizontal horizontal fin compared to vertical shark fins.
This means that your movement from top to bottom is better. Add that to the more flexible joints, making it difficult for a shark to maneuver for a dolphin.

Dolphins hunt in groups
Although the shark can be physically stronger than the dolphin, dolphins always travel in groups and defend one of its members when attacked.
Obviously, a dolphin cannot resist a shark, but a shark cannot resist a group of dolphins.

Dolphins are the most intelligent.
It’s not that sharks make them more powerful for dolphins,
But dolphins are among the most intelligent (if not the most intelligent) creatures that roam the ocean.
As for humor, sharks always lose.

Dolphins are battered sheep
Dolphins have a genetically modified snout that acts like a hammer and can cause a lot of internal damage to sharks when they are hit in the lower abdomen.

Orca also belongs to the dolphin family
Killer whales are known to eat great white sharks when other foods are scarce. I think we can say
Real predators in the water.

Dolphins are the fastest.
Although dolphins are more agile and have a larger brain than sharks, they are faster in the water than fish.
The shark you want to hunt.
This results in an easier reunification with the rest of the group to reach the shark by its massive numbers.


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